Top 8 Vegan restaurants in Medellin 🌱

We have you covered for vegan restaurants in Medellin, there are easily enough to give you a variety throughout your stay – breakfast, lunch and desert!

The majority are in El Poblado, no surprise there. So if this is your base, which it is for most visitors, you can get ready for some tasty cuisine!

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So here’s our top 8 tried and tested plant based choices:

1. Bettys bowls – this is by far our top breakfast find. Delicious fresh juices, loads of accai bowles to choose from as well as toast with perfect toppings. One of a few places open for early risers. Cost: ££

2. Al Alma – a nice cafe & good working space with a selection of vegan options and breakfast bowls on their menu. 1 downside… it’s expensive. Cost: £££

3. Lenteja express – a basic lunch or dinner stop, offering a good variety of vegan food at a good price. Not as fancy as other restaurants, though it’s meant for more of a grab and go style dinner. Cost: ££

4. Veg station – for those on a budget, this is your place. A great set vegan menu each day that will fill you up at lunch or dinner time. The best part… it’s cheap! Location: Cost: £

5. Mundo Verde – stepping up in the culinary world this restaurant offers a selection of tasty vegan dishes to choose from, we particularly liked the Veggie Bowls. Location: Cost: ££

6. Cafe Zorba – pizza lovers do not despair! This really cool restaurant has you covered. With vegan pizza options, a great atmosphere, cocktails & live music it was one of our favourite spots. Cost: ££

7. Marietta – Similar style to Letenja express though with a set vegan and vegetarian menu that changes each day. A good option for those on a medium budget. Location: Cost: ££

8. Pezetarian – a great lunch stop! This is a good chain popping up across Colombia & we have been a few times in other cities. Think salad bar style, though also offering soup, noodle dishes & plenty of vegan options to choose from. Cost: ££

There you have it! Our top vegan picks for Medellin & no doubt there will be more & more popping up in the coming months and years.

Do you have any to add onto the list? As always, if you have any questions or need advice then just comment or WhatsApp us and we’ll help you out.

Shay & Iban 👬 🌱

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