The ultimate safari packing list

A Safari in Africa will give you memories to last a lifetime, being well equipped and packing the right things is essential to making sure you can enjoy every moment.

Here’s our tried and tested packing list of things you will need on your adventure across the Savannah:

What to pack for a Safari in Africa?

  • Light jacket: the savannah is very cold at sunrise and warms up very quickly mid morning. On the morning drives, you’re likely to be wrapped in a blanket, and an hour or two later, you’ll be baking in sun! Don’t underestimate this change in temperature! We bought these windwalls, and 100% can recommend them, they came in so handy for us!
  • Trousers: as mentioned you’ll be surprised how cold the savannah can get when the sun is hiding. We recommend to pack your favourite pair of hiking trousers. Thin, breathable ones will work best, here’s what we use for trips like this.
  • Shorts: as obvious as this may be, don’t take your denim shorts with you. You’ll be sitting in a truck for long hours, under the beaming African sun, so the thinner and looser the better and comfier. This is the style we use and it worked really well.
  • Trekking boots: believe us when we say you won’t need your best shoes, your best friend will be comfy hiking boots. We use these ones definitely recommended them, after trying a few they’re the comfiest we have had and are lasting a long time.
  • Sun screen: we went for this light spray option factor 50. Trust us, the last 2 things you’ll want when the heat reaches 40oC is covering your body with thick suncream or putting a jumper on because you’re burning.
  • Light backpack: your best friend each day! A medium size bag to fit your camera equipment, mosquito and sun screen sprays, some water and to keep your jacket/jumper in when it gets hot. This one is light, with plenty of pockets and foldable.
  • Mosquito repellent: who knew there are so many options!? We found one that kept the feckers away on our trip to Vietnam, so we got the same and it worked wonders. You’ll be familiar with the brand, it may not smell great when you first put it on, and will leave a slight shiny layer on your body, though trust us, having zero bites is worth it! This is the one – Jungle Formula, maximum protection.
  • Hat: you can of course go for a discrete cap or a full on pamela. In the words of Madonna – Express yourself, though protect yourself! Definitely avoid a black hat! We’d recommend one that can cover also your neck and that’s UV protected, like this one.
  • Sun glasses: goes without saying… fashionable or practical. You’ll be taking them off a lot to take pictures / stare in wonder at the animals, pick a place to put them each time! Not like us… Shay bought a new pair of Ray Bans, wore them day 1 of Safari, took them off to look at a lion & Iban then sat on them when taking a picture! 1 hour in to the drive. 🙈
  • Battery pack: adecent pack to keep your phone charged. These can be hard to come by and cheaper ones don’t do the job. This one from Anker was bought for us a leaving present and it’s one we’d highly recommend as it gives 2 full iPhone 8 charges.
  • Hand sanitiser: for toilet trips / avoiding bugs / cleaning cuts. The all do they same job though here’s the one we got & size wise it lasted us for the trip. It’s NHS approved and will keep all the virus away of your hands for 24h
  • Head torch for the early morning starts & walking around your camp at night. We used these Energizer torches and they were great. Really bright, has the option of red, non invasive light and great durability.
  • Water bottle: so you can stay hydrated regularly & don’t have to keep stopping to get water out and not contributing to plastic usage. We use our forever favourite tin flask with a strap.

We hope this list helps you in planning your amazing adventure! If you have any questions or think we should add any other item, just get in touch by message or WhatsApp and we’ll happily help!

Shay & Iban 👬 🦁

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