Medellin quick guide

Known as the city of eternal spring, Medellin is a pretty awesome place! If you’re considering a trip there, we’d 100% recommend you go. Don’t be put off by perceptions from people who haven’t been / people who think it’s not a safe place, we heard a lot of this and can tell you it’s completely ready for tourism.

Loads to do and see, though how do you get around, how long do you need, which areas should you avoid & what are the top things to tick off?? We have you covered, here’s our quick guide to help you with all you need to know before visiting.

Top tips:

How do I get around?

Taxi – First things first, don’t take a yellow cab, even the official tourism board doesn’t recommend it. The first day we arrived, we made this mistake & ended up loosing £25 as our yellow cab driver gave us fake bank notes 🙄 So use Uber, it’s everywhere & extremely cheap so use this to get around.

Tube – This is also a good & cheap option to get you around the city easily, it runs in a cross shape – up, down & sideways, so just weigh up whether this or a taxi is best. It works on a pay as you go system, you buy a top up card from the station and load it up with about $10,000COP. Each trip (around $2,500COP) then deducts from that balance.

How long do I need?

Give yourself 5/6 days to explore city including day trips out, this may seem more than normal though you’ll want a couple of days just exploring El Poblado itself.

Am I safe?

Yes, just be cautious. Like all capital cities, normal rules apply to Medellin plus a tiny bit more. Within El Poblado you are completely fine, it’s more the centre at night and outskirts that we’d say to avoid unless you are going via an organised trip.

Cash or Card?

Card is taken in the absolute majority of places in Medellin so you shouldn’t have a need to carry cash around. Perhaps for the odd independent coffee shop, or just for tips on a tour, though thats about it.

What’s the currency?

Colombian Pesos

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Top things I should do – Read our post on the Top 15 things you must do in Medellin

That’s our quick guide to this pretty awesome place, Medellin is definitely moving up the ranks of coolest cities to visit & it’s happening quickly. If you need any other advice or help, just message or WhatsApp us and we’ll help you out.

Shay & Iban 👬 🇨🇴

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