Digital Nomad cafes in Cusco

Cusco is the place you’ll be staying when going to many of Peruvian wonders like Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the increasingly popular Rainbow Mountains. You’ll find lots of hostels, shops and awesome cultural events. Though in-between treks and soaking up the culture, unless your plan is to disconnect completely, you’ll want and need some decent internet connection at some point, right?

For those digital nomads like me, you’ll know finding a cosy place to chill, be inspired & get blogging is very important. Even for people just wanting to find a relaxing spot, here are our top finds.

Digital nomad cafes in Cusco:

D’Wasi: A cosy little cafe with plant based milk for your coffee cravings. Their coffee comes from the Machu Picchu lands, just for that it’s worth a visit! They also make a giant chocolate smoothie and have the fastest wifi of all the cafes in Cusco I visited! Cost: S/10 per coffee, cards accepted.

D'wasi nomad cafe cusco vegan options
Image by TripAdvisor

La Valeriana: Nice decor, with a shabby chic type vibe, a good cafe for insta pics, colourful and tasty cakes, there are a couple of them across town. It’s major downside is slow wifi. Cost: S/10 coffee, cards accepted.

la valeriana nomad cafe cusco wifi
Image by Traveling Bitz

Cappuccino Cafe: Fancy a coffee/tea overlooking the main square? This one is for you. Reasonable prices with a great view, downside is slow wifi. Cost: S/10, cash only.

plaza de armas cusco peru nomad cafe capuccino
Image by Sapphire & Elm Travel Co.

The Churro Bar: I love finding hidden gems and this is one of the best in Peru! Situated in the trendy San Blas neighbourhood, it’s a great place to chill with great wifi. Playing with the owners friendly Labrador makes it even better! Make sure you try their yummy vegan churros. Cost: S/12 for churros and chocolate dip, cash only.

the churro bar cusco nomad cafe wifi
Image by TripAdvisor

Qura: Amazing açai breakfast bowls, fruits and baked goodies that will leave you energised for a busy day! Just 3 tables, so it’s a very cosy joint. Not on the cheap side, though who doesn’t like tasty breakfast & fast wifi? Cost: S/20 for a bowl, cash only.

Qura açai bowl cusco peru nomad
Image by TripAdvisor

L’Atelier Cafè Concept: This place is really cool with great views over San Blas if you get the window seat. It doubles up as an independent clothes shop, with good wifi and a really nice atmosphere. Cost: S/10 for a coffee, cards accepted.

cafe san blas cusco peru nomad L'Atelier concept
Image by TripAdvisor

Have you discovered anymore? I’d love to hear what your best finds were. If you want to know any more about these places just drop us a message or WhatsApp and I’ll help you out ✌🏼


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