Atacama desert, the driest place on earth

Atacama desert is one of those beautiful surprises that derouting has brought me. It's the only Chilean desert and one of the most unique in the world. You can find from moonlike landscapes to insanely beautiful highland volcanic phenomenon like the highest geysers on Earth. You should really consider to put it on your list.

Top 10 things to do in Iquitos

Discover Iquitos, the capital of the Amazon and the ayahuasca: 10 things you shouldn’t miss. From baby monkeys to a full on adventure on the Amazon.

Machu Picchu packing list – 10 essentials you’re going to need

What to pack for Machu Picchu!? 10 essentials you'll need: having the right gear will make sure you can just focus on enjoying the journey.

Cartagena – 15 things you must do

15 must do things in Cartagena Colombia. Colorful Getsemani, incredible architecture, where to see the best sunset and best night bars.

Santa Marta & Taganga quick guide

Quick guide of Santa Marta & Taganaga Colombia. Is it safe? Can I pay by card? Useful tips to plan your trip in the north coast of Colombia.

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