The best London markets

London is our favourite city, (alongside Barcelona of course!). On lazy Sundays we love to stroll in the markets. There are plenty of them spread out in different areas across London, all with different things to offer - food stalls, quirky shops, vintage treasure hunts. We have always found it a good way to see... Continue Reading →

High 5! #1

Welcome to our first High 5! We figured that it would be good to do this as a way of sharing our favourite places with you. Where we can, we have included a link so that you can check out each place in more detail and head there if you are in London town! Enjoy...... Continue Reading →

Pillows & Paint

We had a pretty cool weekend a few weeks back, it involved getting our Banksy on and having a Brick Lane curry on massive pillows! Saturday Saturday morning started with a nice lay in and a trip to Notting Hill. Ivan found this awesome graffiti gallery that also did a 2 hour workshop, teaching you... Continue Reading →

A Family Sunday

A few weeks back we decided to go home and visit Mr and Mrs Doran (that's not her in the picture!). We thought we'd share with you a few snaps of village life. Geddington is the village that Shay grew up in (no Little Britain jokes please...), though in fairness we didn't actually take any... Continue Reading →

The Tower of London

So we have to be honest... This one Shay was a little bit sceptical about visiting, though being residents in Tower Hamlets gets you entry for £1 each! This completely swayed the decision and it turned out to be well worth the trip. With a Starbucks in hand (Ivan's favourite), we wondered in and ended... Continue Reading →

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