Northern Ireland – 10 things you must do

Northern Ireland... quite simply a place of natural stunning beauty! With lush grass covered cliffs, rolling down onto white sand beaches and crystal clear water, you will be left totally amazed by the diversity of this beautiful coastline. Overview, cost & time-length Usually when travelling, the sites you pick to see are a good 1-2... Continue Reading →

Bella Italia! The North: Venice to Brescia.

A few months ago our friends Fede & Charles gave us the biggest news of their year: they were getting married! But the excitement reached its peak when they told us that the wedding would be in a beautiful village in the north of Italy. We of-course took the opportunity to make it a week-long... Continue Reading →

Slovenia – Things you must do

Fresh back from an incredible week in Slovenia, we wanted to share this awesome place with you as quickly as we could, so we started writing this on our way home. Slovenia is a beautiful country, untouched by tourism in most places and full of nature, mountains, fresh air and breath-taking views. This is certainly... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen – 10 things you must do

A short while back Iban whisked me away for a weekend, I had no idea where we were heading until we reached the airport gate. Copenhagen was the destination! We flew out Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening, in hindsight we would recommend 3 days 2 nights, though it is completely possible to do... Continue Reading →

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