Be sustainable: the #packback approach

Only in the UK, supermarket plastic packaging boomed to an astonishing 800,000 tones of waste per year. It's time to change this: the #packback approach.

How to be more sustainable.

Travelling the world is a life-changing experience that also gives you a reality slap. Specially with environmental issues. I believe that we can decide wether we want an easier life and keep killing our planet or take the road less traveled by and force the change. Are you with me?

Top 6 Vegan restaurants in Cusco 🌱

On the face of it, being a plant eater in Peru can seem challenging! Especially considering the national dishes are guinea pig, ceviche and alpaca! We found the majority of restaurants are happy to remove the meat parts of the dish and then class it as a vegetarian meal which is ok, though not the... Continue Reading →

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