The best London markets

London is our favourite city, (alongside Barcelona of course!).

On lazy Sundays we love to stroll in the markets. There are plenty of them spread out in different areas across London, all with different things to offer – food stalls, quirky shops, vintage treasure hunts. We have always found it a good way to see parts of London.

There are dozens of markets and we deffinitely haven`t been to them all! Though we wanted to share a few favourites with you. These markets have a local feel to them and are located in some great areas. Let us know which other markets we should be adding to the list!

1. Columbia Road Flower Market

Its name says it all really… We love its lively market atmosphere, with sellers shouting their offers and cheeky jokes to catch your attention, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants. A true East London market, based on a narrow street full of small, independent coffee shops and vintage stores… Hipster central!

2. Brick Lane

Not far from the Flower Market you´ll find one of the most popular markets for both Londoners and tourists. Saturday and Sunday are definetely the busiest days, with a huge variety of stalls spread along Brick Lane itself. You can find anything and everything: from spooky porcelain dolls to second hand clothes. Brick Lane is also known for its foodhall located in the Old Truman Brewery: you can try food from all over the world! (Look for the tall, brick chimney!)

Part of this markets magic, is the art on its walls and buildings. Every corner is full of graffitti & sculptures!

One of Iban´s favourite spots on the Lane: Brick Lane Bookshop. If you´re into books and interested in knowing a bit more about the East End history it´s a good place to stop by.

Even though Shay is not a fan, you can´t leave Brick Lane without trying one of the East Ends musts: The Beigel Shop. It´s open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Expect queues, bad service and staff practically throwing the beigels at your face. All that makes it special and worth it, believe me. The Salted Beef with mustard and pickels is THE ONE, though you can opt for a smoother salmon and cream cheese, or even nutella!

3. Meltby Street Market – Rope Walk.

This is a local market in London´s trendy Bermondsey. Rather than a traditional market, it´s a place where you can find lots of streetfood and beers from local producers. We love its location underneath the train tracks, it gives the place a cool vibe.

The vaults host different shops and restaurants… or both! Why not?! There are plenty of shops that lead to tables out the back, where you can tuck in to some awesome street food, plenty of wine and local brewed beers. Check Lassco and Little Bird out!

4. Borough Market.

Who doesn´t know Borough Market?! It´s central and one of the oldest, and best markets in town. Again, it´s located under the tracks of London Bridge/Borough station, literally a 3 minute walk from the tube station.

The stalls change every so often, which keeps you wanting to visit it over and over. We love Borough Market because it has everything you would expect of a market: you can buy fresh local produce, try so many different types of delicious street food, grab a beer at some really cool bars nearby & soak up the awesome scenery. Get ready to deal with a lot of tourists, though it´s worth it!

5. Camden Market – The Stables

The first option for most of the 31 milion tourist that visit London every year. Yes it´s the most touristy, yes it´s the most crowded & it´s probably the most famous market in London. Yet it has a great history to it and the amazing food stalls and shops that run from the high street up to the Lock are deffinitely worth visiting.

This market now occupies the old horse stables and that´s our favourite part of the market, aside from the view over the lock, especially in the summer time. You can find clothes, furniture and plenty of jewlery too. It has two levels, so the best thing to do is just get lost in the maze of streets and stalls.

Nothing like having a nice beer and try some new food sitting by the canal.

There you go! This is our selection… so far! What do you think, do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Shay & Iban 🇬🇧👬

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