Shay & Iban

Shay & Iban

Our story:

It all started in June 2015, Iban had been living in London for 2 years after moving there from Barcelona. Shay had moved to London in February from fields not so far… Northamptonshire, and was just getting into the swing of London life when BOOM! This sexy Catalan man caught Shay’s attention!

As they say, the rest is history. We’ve been on some amazing trips around the world, become a member of each others families, bought a house together, started our travel & lifestyle blog and left all behind to go on a world adventure.

Starting our own blog was a story in itself! It had consequences we did not expect…

Iban moved into the flat Shay was renting at the time (possibly without telling our landlord), it`s London right, thats ok? Little did we know, a keen follower of our blog was indeed… the landlord! Let’s just say it involved a very awkward conversation starting with “I have seen your blog” and ending with “You have 2 months to leave the flat!”

Though it all worked out fine, we managed to buy our first home in London, moving in just before Christmas 2016.

Our blog began in Feb 2016, originally with the name Guys In London. As we started connecting with people, figuring out what we wanted our blog to be about and seeing more of the world together, we came to realise the name limited us somewhat to London life, and this was just one small part of what we wanted to share with everyone.

After a few phases of shall we change it… shall we not, we decided… we shall!

Si to the world! A name that to us, fully represents what we wanted our blog to be about from the start: saying Yes more often, going for it, not holding back & seeing the world! At the same time, a name that conveys both of our backgrounds.

We take on something a bit different, by sharing our adventures with you, near and far. Writing in fairly short posts making our blogs to the point and easy to read, and by celebrating culture, family, lifestyle & seeing the world!

We hope you join and help us to say… Si to the world!

Peace out,

Shay & Iban

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