8 best instagram spots in Brugge

Brugge (or Bruges) is the perfect spring getaway for lovers of the best things in life: chocolate and beer. One of the great things a weekend in Bruges has to over is awesome photo spots to up your intsa game.

Here’s our top pic’s with locations.

Best instagram spots in Bruges:

1. The Markt

Hard to miss and one of the most touristy spots in Brugge, the Markt is one of the city’s community squares & features a set of impressive buildings, a great mix of modern & historic architecture with plenty of photo opportunities. We recommend getting up early one morning and heading there to avoid the crowds, getting those pretty houses and cafes all for yourslef!

2. The Old Chocolate House

Within a few minutes of arriving, you’ll want to get hot chocolate & waffles. We tried a few chocolate places and certainly this spot topped it for us! With a chocolate shop downstairs & quaint tea room upstairs, it’s a perfect place to begin the over-indulgence and makes for great pictures. A huge selection to choose from & you make the hot chocolate yourself, it’s really fun!

3. Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Basilica is based in another community square nearby and is definitely worth a visit. Tucked away in a corner of the square, its dark grey stone walls stand out amongst the other buildings to give that moody, gothic look to your photo’s. Inside the Basilica is nothing short of stunning, with large stained glass windows and intricately painted walls, though another must see resides in the Basilica – a golden casket containing a blood-soaked cloth that claims to be the blood of Christ. There is a mass each day which you can attend, they take out the artifact and walk with it around the church. Make sure you also check out the chapel below the Basilica, a large wooden door on the left that looks shut, a lot of people miss it. This Romanesque chapel is a replica of the church of Jerusalem.


4. The secret garden

A tiny garden in a derelict house, we stumbled upon this place whilst wondering around & it’s one you have to visit just for its uniqueness! With different herbs & fruits, the garden will take you approximately 10 seconds to explore, though also provides you with a great secret photo spot & just something very different that not many people know about. Get that pic that other grammers won’t have found!

5. De Halve Mann beer brewery

A great beer tour ending with a free beer next to a cosy fireplace (perfect photo opportunity)! Tucked down a secret allyway, this tour takes you through the history of one of the oldest breweries in Brugge. It’s a really well preserved place, and much larger than you think, so prepare to climb a few steps… the view is worth it. We loved how eco-friendly De Halve Mann is, even an underground beer tube network to reduce pollution & lorrys on the streets!


6. The gardens behind Our Lady’s church

We did go inside, though our favourite spot here was the tranquil gardens located behind the Church. It seemed like something from a fairytale scene, complete with a mini bridge over the canal. This is another place to get up early & head to if you want to take some clear photos before the tourists arrive!


7. The Begijnhof gardens & Minnewater

We have combined 2 in 1 here as they’re right next to each other, though Begijnhof gardens was definitely our favourite. Both very quiet and tranquil spots, they allow you to escape from the crowds and get some fresh air whilst taking a nice stroll. Begijnhof gardens has an interesting history and when the sun is in the right spot, shinning through the trees and onto the daffodils it feels quite magical.


8. Stroll around the city to find some of your personal spots.

The city is full of pretty buildings and plenty of little bridges that are perfect for taking the shots you want, so make sure you spend time exploring it yourself as well as heading to the top spots…

We hope you enjoy your visit, especially all that chocolate! We’d love to see the shots you take, DM us on insta/get in touch and we’ll happily help out with any other questions you have.

Shay & Iban

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