High 5! #1

Welcome to our first High 5! We figured that it would be good to do this as a way of sharing our favourite places with you. Where we can, we have included a link so that you can check out each place in more detail and head there if you are in London town! Enjoy… we did!


Franco Manca – A pizza chain that is quickly expanding across London. Amazing sour dough pizza, incredible value and a great vibe. Our personal favourite is the one in London Fields.


The Holly Bush – A quaint old pub, hidden in the lovely town of Hamstead Heath. Picture an old wooden bar, open log fire and cobbles on the street outside. Really close to our next pick:


Pagoda Gardens – This is in the Heath itself. We have been to Parliament Hill (a great view of London), though we did not see this place! We found it online and made our way there to check it out. A lovely short walk and basically you feel like you are in Game of Thrones:


The Egyptian escalator – This is not just an escalator, this is a Harrods escalator! We wondered around Harrods, looking at everything we couldn’t afford – slightly depressing. Though… We did come across this escalator and as far as escalators go, this is the coolest:


Sky Garden – One of our friends said this place was overrated because it didn’t have a bar blasting music on top. Slightly sceptical about visiting, we booked our free slot online and we have to say that it is a good place to head to. Maybe more of a ‘something to cross of the list’ or a good place to take parents, though the views are great and overall it is pretty cool. We were about to include a picture of the view, though we decided to save it as a surprise for you: 😁

Enjoy… Our next High 5! is in the making!

Shay & Iban 👬 🇬🇧

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