Pillows & Paint

We had a pretty cool weekend a few weeks back, it involved getting our Banksy on and having a Brick Lane curry on massive pillows!


Saturday morning started with a nice lay in and a trip to Notting Hill. Ivan found this awesome graffiti gallery that also did a 2 hour workshop, teaching you how to master the art (or give it your best shot). Graffik Gallery

First they taught us the different techniques of stencilling… Things you never really think about! Then we learnt how to create different effects with the spray cans.

After this, they hit you with a surprise… You have 20 minutes to come up with whatever design you want, stencil it out and get ready to spray. Harder than you think when you are put on the spot!

Here is what we went for –

In true Blue Peter style… Before and after

Once we were done & almost high on fumes, we felt pretty proud of our work😎 Though we still need to hang them up!

They let you take a look around the gallery too which has a few original Banksy pieces and lots of other very cool stuff.


Sunday afternoon took us to Brick Lane… At least that was where Shay thought we should of been. We picked a nice curry restaurant, out of the thousands to choose from. Sat down, made our choices, then Shay realised we were in completely the wrong place! He had booked for us to go to the pillow cinema to see Legend, thinking it was the pillow cinema in Brick Lane… Nope. It was the one in Homerton! So we got our curries to go, grabbed an Uber and made it just in time.

Snuggled up, curry, beers and poppadoms out… A perfect Sunday evening. By the way, we would really recommend the pillow cinema here is the link to it if you haven’t seen it before.

Speak to you soon!

Shay & Iban 👬 🇬🇧

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