A Family Sunday

A few weeks back we decided to go home and visit Mr and Mrs Doran (that’s not her in the picture!). We thought we’d share with you a few snaps of village life.

Geddington is the village that Shay grew up in (no Little Britain jokes please…), though in fairness we didn’t actually take any pictures of the village, so we will share that with you another time.

Sunday’s outing started with a muddy walk through the local farm… We found these big boys, they seem a lot smaller in the photo though believe us when we say it took a good few minutes to pluck up the courage to go over and stroke them!

We then made our way through the fields up to the historic dovecote in Newton. This is a pretty impressive building that springs up on top of a hill in the middle of a field, it’s where Shay used to go sledging when he was younger. We squeezed through the tiny doors, not knowing what would be lurking in the pitch black inside… Though it was all good!

Next to the dovecote is Newton Field Centre, a former church now used as a learning centre. Ivan was surprised by this as coming from a catholic background, he had not seen a church being used for other purposes before.

After a bit of history, we continued our walk through the fields with Iban the Shepherd and made our way home, coming back to a warm, fresh loaf of Irish soda bread (Ivan’s new favourite) baked by Mr Doran and devoured within minutes.

All in all, a great Sunday. Fresh air, green fields and quality time with the family… which always means we are fed well. What else could be better?!

Shay & Iban 👬 🇬🇧 🐄🐏🍞

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