The Tower of London

So we have to be honest… This one Shay was a little bit sceptical about visiting, though being residents in Tower Hamlets gets you entry for £1 each! This completely swayed the decision and it turned out to be well worth the trip.

With a Starbucks in hand (Ivan’s favourite), we wondered in and ended up spending about 3 hours looking around. We honestly felt like we were in a medieval film set, everything around you is completely as it was… Even the people! It was pretty awesome.

We learnt so many facts that we just didn’t believe at first… The King used to keep lions, elephants, monkeys and all sorts in there. He even had a pet polar bear on a chain that he let out each day to catch fish in the Thames… Pretty crazy!

Amongst a whole host of other buildings there is the notorious Crown Jewels… We wanted to be good and follow the no photo rules, though the temptation was too much for Ivan and we managed to sneak one for you! We are talking about some serious cash monies inside here…

All in all this place is definitely worth the full ticket price! We would both go back as there is so much to see, plus it’s great place to take the parents or even friends to. A beer would have been nice whilst walking around, though we can’t be too fussy!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures, let us know what you think.

Shay and Iban 👬

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